Come be my sexy little secret


I found this stunning blonde cam girl named Mary Annee she is a real cutie who I wanted from the first time I laid eye’s on her, she looked so gorgeous in her black and pink bodice which had see through sides and pink ribbon laced up the front and black hold up stockings, oh what a picture she looked lying on her bed just right for the picking, she started chatting to me over her webcam connection she has such a smooth sexy and seductive voice that drew me into her even more, I switched on my webcam so because I wanted her to see me and what I was doing that way our time together would feel more intimate, she sat up and asked me if I thought she was sexy, I had to type my reply which of cause was yes, a big yes, she your not bad your self and is that bulge in your pants your cock getting hard for me she asked, again the answer was yes, well come on then get it out for me so I can have a look, I undid my jeans and pushed them to the floor and stepped out of them, my cock was hard and erect, oh she said you now your making me wet, like very wet and slowly took an arm out of one of the straps of her bodice and let her breast slip out.

I was feeling so horny and had to have her I invited her into private chat, she ran her hand over her naked breast and pushed the other hand down rubbing the fabric that was covering her pussy and gave a little moan, she slipped the other arm out of her bodice and pushed it down pausing at her waist then moving her hand upwards to her naked breasts fondled them and tweaked her nipples, all the time looking deep into my eye’s and enjoying every moment, I could hold on much longer I was masturbating but trying to take it slowly other wise I would cum to soon, she slipped her bodice off and through it on the bed beside her and lay there naked, oh what a stunning body she has and I watched in awe as she spread her legs and slipped a couple of fingers into the folds of her labia, her other hand was squeezing her breast and running circles around her nipple, is that what you like she said, you want to watch me getting turned on, I said oh yeah that’s good babe, really good, she started moving her hips in a rocking motion and all I could think about was fucking her, your driving me wild girl see how hard you have made me I said, she smiled, her pussy glistened, soaking wet by all the stimulation her fingers had been applying it, she pulled her fingers out of her wet pussy and offered it up to the camera would you like to taste me? Oh if only I could I said, then popped it in her mouth and sucked of her pussy juice and gave a little sigh, again her fingers returned to her soaking wet pussy slowly circling her clit, I wanted so much to ram my cock up her gorgeous wet pussy and fuck her hard, I could feel the fluid rising in my cock and then spurting out all over me, Mary Annee is one seductive cam girl who I will be going back to for more. Why don’t you give her a try.

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